Venus|Aphrodite, 2016


This series includes a set of five collages where a statue of Venus/Aphrodite is being obscured by a current celebrity’s image. Included is Kim K, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj. All of these appropriated images have been carefully selected to mimic or remind of the possible pose going on underneath. There are countless copies of every Venus statue that has been made - since her creation, Venus has been sought and recreated even into today’s world. Our obsession has not ceased, and we can see that in these collages.

Despite the mockery of celebrity status or our religious idolization of these “goddesses,” the pieces speak on femininity, sexuality and remind us that things have not changed as much as we thought since the Roman Empire. All these celebrities have their own cult following, copy after copy created of them, their image, their voice, etc. It isn't much different from the cult of Venus, although we don’t have a temple dedicated to Kim Kardashian, we have enough TV episodes and image searches to last a lifetime.


Digital Collage, Winter 2016